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Services & Charges

Tariff Schedule effective from 1st September 2022

Fees/Charges Type Amount
Self-Employed - Home Loan 12.75% to 17.00%
Loan against Property 15.00% to 17.00%
Login Fee (Paid along with loan application non-refundable) Up to Rs.3500 Plus Applicable GST
Documentation Charges Up to Rs.2000/- to Rs.5000/- Plus applicable GST (charge varies on Loan Sanction Amount slab)
Legal, Valuation and Technical Charges Up to Rs.3000/- to Rs.5800/- Plus Applicable GST (charges varies on Loan Sanction Amount slab)
CERSAI charge creation Charges Rs.100/- Plus applicable GST
Administrative Charges (Inclusive of Documentation, Legal Valuation, Technical & Cersai Charges) Home Loan/Top up- Upto Rs.SlO0or 1.5% Plus applicable GST on Sanction Amount whichever is higher LAP/NIP/Project Loan - Up to Rs.5100/- or 2% Plus applicable GST on Sanction Amount whichever is higher
Subsequent Technical Verification (Only In Construction Cases) Rs.500/- Plus applicable GST
Cheque/ECS/Direct Debit/ACH Bounce (Per Instrument/Transaction) Rs.500/- Plus applicable GST
Overdue Charges on Default Installment- (EMI/PEMI) 2% on Due amount
Recovery (Legal/Possession & Incidental Charges) as per actual Plus applicable GST
Cheque/ECS/Direct Debit/Ach Swapping (Per Set) Rs.500/- Plus applicable GST
Duplicate No Dues Certificate Rs.500/- Plus applicable GST
Copy Of Property Papers Rs.500/- Plus applicable GST
Prepayment/Part Payment For Home Loan/LAP at variable rate-NIL For Home Loan/LAP at fixed rate: 2% of the loan outstanding+ Applicable GST (for amount prepaid through refinance from any Bank/HFC/NBFC or Financial Institution andnot through own source and shall be applicable to all partial or full prepayments.) For Project Loan-2% of the Loan Outstanding plus applicable GST
Document Handling Rs.2000/- Plus applicable GST
Any Type of Loan a/c Statement Rs.500/- Plus applicable GST
Switch Fees Fixed to Variable-1% Plus applicable GST on outstanding Variable to Fixed- 1.5% Plus applicable GSTon outstanding
Conversion Fees - Switch to Lower Rate in Variable rates loans per changes 0.50% of the principal outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) at the time of conversion.
Insurance Charges As per actuals
Loan cancellation charges after disbursement (Per loan account) For Loan Sanction up to 10 lacs -Rs.3000/- For Loan Sanction between 10 lacs-25 lacs- Rs.5000/- For loan Sanction greater than 25 lacs- Rs.10000/-

Home Loan Interest Rates

Customer Type Home Loan Interest Rate*
Salaried - Home Loan 11.75% to 16.50%
Self-Employed - Home Loan 12.75% to 17.00%
Loan against Property 15.00% to 17.00%

* Final offered rate will depend on the income level and property being offered as security (for Loan Against Property)

  • All charges/fees to be paid through AHFL Branches/ AHFL Representatives by A/c payee crossed cheque in favour of "Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd."
  • The loan application will be disposed -off within a period of 4 weeks from the date of receipt of duly completed loan application i.e with all requisite information /Papers
  • Cash payments to be made ONLY against valid receipt issued by AHFL officials.
  • AHFL does NOT charge any amount over and above the charges mentioned above and will NOT be liable or responsible for making payment of any amount to unauthorized persons.
  • Applicable GST or Govt. taxes will be charged extra along with above mentioned charges as applicable.