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Loan For Construction Of Non Residential Property

If you’ve been planning to construct a non-residential property, we’ve got you covered.

At Aadhar Housing Finance, we thoroughly understand the research and financial planning that goes behind the construction of a non-residential property. Even if you already own a construction plot and would like to construct a non-residential property on the plot, our loan for the construction of non-residential property can be beneficial. However, make sure that the property is within municipality limits. It is also important for the civic authority to approve the property for commercial usage.

You can avail of a loan for construction of non-residential property with Aadhar Housing Finance ranging from a minimum of ₹2 Lakh to a maximum of ₹1 Crore. The maximum loan amount is further restricted to 75% of the registered cost of property or 50% of market value, whichever is lower. Before deciding on the loan amount that will be offered to you, we verify certain parameters such as the following:

  • Age
  • Stability of income
  • Continuity of income
  • Overall assets
  • Existing liabilities
  • Educational background
  • Income of the co-applicant
  • Saving habits of the applicant
  • Number of dependents in the family
  • Available Bank Balance for past 6 months

You can opt for flexible tenures, maximum of 15 years. However, max loan tenure is restricted till retirement age for salaried and 70 years for Self Employed on loan maturity.

There are several factors such as the interest rate offered, tenure of the loan, and the quantum of the loan that determine the amount of EMI you have to pay. To calculate how much EMI you would have to pay on a monthly basis, use our EMI calculator. You have to provide information about your loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure to calculate your EMI.

With Aadhar Housing Finance, you have the option to apply along with a co-applicant who can be your parents, spouse, or even your children*. It is not mandatory for the co-applicant to co-own the property along with you. However, all the co-owners of the property should be co-applicants.

To know more about a loan for construction of non-residential property, go to the left side of this page and click on the "Apply for Loan" button. Once you do so, provide all of the required details. Shortly after, an Aadhar representative will contact you. You also have the option to physically contact us by walking into a branch of Aadhar Housing Finance that is nearest to you. To get a complete list of Aadhar Housing Finance branches, please Click here

For list of required documents, please Click here

*Terms & Conditions apply. Credit is to be extended at the sole discretion of Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

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