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Loan For Plot Purchase And Construction

Nothing is more satisfying than building your dream home on a plot of your choice.

Found the plot of land where you want to construct your home. A composite loan for Plot Purchase + Construction can help finance the purchase of land and construction of your dream home. The plot should be non-agricultural and be situated within the Municipal or Local Development Authority limits.

You can avail of an Aadhar loan up to ₹1 Crore for Plot Purchase & Construction, but the amount should not exceed 60% (in case of plot loan) of the registered cost of the plot and 80% (in case of construction) of the construction cost. The overall loan amount is further restricted to 80% of Market Value of property (75% in case of loan amount more than Rs. 75 Lacs). The construction has to happen on the plot and within the time frame according to the NHB guidelines. The actual loan amount is determined after assessing the individual’s requirement and his/her repayment capacity based on various factors like: 

  • Age
  • Stability of income
  • Continuity of income
  • Number of dependents in the family
  • Income of the co-applicant
  • Amount of assets
  • Liabilities
  • Educational background
  • Saving habits, and others
  • Available Bank Balance for past 6 months

To find out your loan eligibility, you can use our loan eligibility calculator.

Max loan tenure for Bank Salaried is 30 years. For Cash Salaried and Self Employed Professional/Self Employed Non-Professional it is 20 years subject to retirement age for salaried and 70 years for Self Employed on loan maturity.

The repayment of your monthly EMI for the availed loan depends on parameters such as the interest rate offered, the quantum of the loan, and the tenure of the loan. If you would like to calculate how much EMI is to be paid, you can use our EMI calculator.

With Aadhar Home Loans, you can opt for a loan for plot purchase and construction either by yourself or along with a co-applicant. It is not necessary for the co-applicant to own a part of the property. However, all the owners of the property have to be co-applicants. Your parents, spouse, or children* can apply to be co-applicants.

To get more information, navigate to the "Apply for Loan" button that is present on the left side. Then, provide all of the required details. Within some time, an Aadhar representative will contact you. You can also choose to walk into a branch of Aadhar Housing Finance that is nearest to you. For a comprehensive list of Aadhar Housing Finance branches, please click here.

For list of required documents, please Click here

*Terms & Conditions apply. Credit is to be extended at the sole discretion of Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

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