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DHFL Vysya Housing Finance and Aadhar Housing Finance are subsidiaries of WGC(Wadhawan Global Capital). Both, Aadhar and DHFL Vysya provide housing loans to LIG(Low Income Groups) but in mutually exclusive locations. While Aadhar is a well-established financial services brand in North, West and East India, DHFL Vysya has a strong foothold in South India. The merger will result in the creation of a stronger brand with a pan-India presence. The new entity would be able to create better products and services for their customers. This will result in economies of scale, uniform acquisition structure, common policies, strong business growth and cost reduction.

The new, merged company is called Aadhar Housing FinanceLimited (Aadhar). Majority of shares are held by of WGC (Wadhawan Global Capital) with equity participation from DHFL (Dewan Housing Finance Ltd.) and IFC (international Finance Corporation).

After the merger, Aadhar now spans across 18 states with around 270 branches with a loan book of 6000 Cr(as on 30th Sept 2017)

No. Aadhar operates in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand. DHFL Vysya, on the other hand, has its presence in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana.

One of the objectivesof the merger is to leverage the pan-India presence of the combined entities. Therefore, no branches or locations will close due tothe merger process. In fact, we may open new branches to further expand and solidify our presence.

The merged entity, Aadhar will have great prospects and a stronger balance sheet. In FY18, the merged entity will see its loan book stand at INR 8,000 crore – registering an increase of over 55% from its current loan asset book . Aadhar is expected to grow at the rate of 405 CAGR in next 5 years.

Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. is already a well-established brand in the 13 states of the country. DHFL Vysya Housing Finance Ltd.,on the other hand, is associated very strongly with a particular community (Vysya) in the southern states of India. Hence it was thought to rename the company with a name which all strata of the LIG segment customers can identify with. With Aadhar being a known name in the LIG segment already, less effort would be needed to convey the value proposition to the customer segment.

Also to avoid confusion and duplication with the name of our parent company (DHFL & DHFL Vysya), we decided to retain the name of Aadhar with a brand new logo. Secondly, Aadhar and DHFL Vysya's client profile is similar, hence, retention of a single name will help in creating a strong all-India housing finance brand.

Creation of an entirely new name would mean an additional cost of branding and investment of time and resources. Further, we would have the added responsibility of promoting a brand-new entity among our existing and prospective stakeholder base.The move of naming the new entity Aadhar Housing Finance Limited,' with a new energised logo hence made strategic sense.

The merger will not impact our existing customers. All our services and facilities will remain same as earlier.

Thenew name of the organization i.e. Aadhar Housing Finance Limited will be displayed in all places. For customers of Aadhar, they will see a change in the visual identity. For customers of DHFL Vysya, they will view the new name and logo.

Other than that, there will not be much changes in customers' dealings with us – customers can still contact us in the same way and receive the same services that you do now.Our branches remain the same – hence, you can continue to avail our services from the same centres as earlier.

Over a period of time, we plan to introduce technological innovations that will enable ease and convenience for our customers. However, you will always have the comfort of reaching out to our branch personnel and dealingwith them in-person at our respective branches.

Both Aadhar and DHFL Vysya have a similar business model – servicing the home financing needs of the lower-middle and -lowerincome groups. Hence, there will be no change in the business strategy per se; business will be as usual.

In terms of services, besides home loan financing, the new entity will offer services such as mortgage loans and will accept deposits from the general public. The leadership team is working on restructuring customer schemes at the new organization. These will be aligned to the needs and aspirations of our customers. In the due course of time, our branches will reach to many more unreached locations to cater to the unserved customers with regards to housing finance and loan against property.

WGC is the group holding company that includes DHFL Vysya and Aadhar. Mr.Kapil Wadhawan serves as the Director in of both the entities. Hence, there are no changes at the management level. IFC holds about 18% shares in Aadhar and ICICI Bank Ltd., holds 2.19% shares.

Mr. Deo Shankar Tripathi, the CEO of Aadhar, continues to lead the merged entity Aadhar as the CEO. He is supported by the combined leadership teams at both the entities. The new company is headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra with the registered office at Bangalore, Karnataka.

The merger will not result in any change at the branch operations leveland hence the teams remain the same. Our staffretains their operational territories and customer bases. You will have the comfort of dealing with familiar staff at our branches. However, operational changes with the aim of improving efficiency and superior customer service through technology interventions will continue.

All the regulatory and legal approvals are in place. Alignment of staff, technology, policies and processes involving operational integration are in progress. The new has effectively come into being on _____, 2017

No. There will be no change in your account number. If changes are required in the future, we will notify you in advance and assist you through the process.

No. We will not be changing the CRNs immediately. Please continue using your existing CRN number for all interactions with our team until further notice.

We do not plan to close any branches post the merger. Hence, you will be able to communicate with the same branch and interact with the same team members.

No. Your loan terms will remain the same as they are.

We are formulating new account features for our existing and prospective customers. These include components such as online account management and mobile apps. However, we are still in the process of devising these additional features. Your branch representatives will alert you on our readiness to offer these services in a few months.

No. There will be no change in the account number of your deposits. The existing numbers will continue until the time of renewal.

The rate of interest for existing deposits will continue to be the same until the end of the term or withdrawal of the deposits, whichever is earlier. New rates of interest will be applicable to all new deposits. You will be able to avail the details from your nearest Aadhar branch shortly.

You can avail the term deposit services ofAadhar on commencement of its business operationsusing the same CRN. Please contact your customer relationship manager for more details in this regard. (S)he will guide you through the various terms and conditions of these services and also help you initiate your term deposit account with your existing branch.

Yes, you will continue to receive the interest amount in your savings account as per the earlier agreed schedule. There may be a few glitches in the initial months wherein we will migrate information and update our databases. However, we will strive to ensure that the transition process is smooth with minimum inconvenience to our customers.

Should you still face any problems, please contact your branch representatives or call our customer service desk at 1800 300 42020. You can also write to us at customercare@Aadharhousing.com.

The TDS certificates for FY17-18 will be issuedby the new entity i.e. Aadhar.

Once we commence operations in the new company, you will need to repay loans in the name of the new entity. Your branch representatives will notify you about the same in advance and also share relevant details with you.

Following the merger and before commencement of operations, all business will be transferred to Aadhar. You will be issued a transfer certificate indicating the takeover of the loan by the new entity. However, it would be advisable for you to keep your older documents for records and future reference purposes.

No, the schedule of monthly statements remain the same. Following the commencement of operations in the new entity, you will receive account statements from Aadhar. This will be in online or print format, in accordance with the preference indicated in your account. There will be changes in the way your statement appears or looks as well.

If you face any problems pertaining to the statement or account updation, you can always reach out to your customer relationship manager or customer care representatives.

Customer privacy is paramount to our business. We remain committed to ensure the confidentiality and safety of all customer information through stringent policies and procedures.

One of the aspects of our operations at Aadhar is the centralized availability of information through technological upgrades. We will use digital safeguards such as antivirus, encryption, access control, user management, change control, and storage in pursuit of these objectives. Our security strategywillbe fortified by physical security controls.

You can visit our website www.Aadharhousing.com for more information.

In addition, you can touch base with the customer services team by contacting them on 1800 300 42020. Alternatively, you could also write to them at customercare@Aadharhousing.com. Further, you can always contact your branch manager/ representatives by writing to his/her official id, contacting him/her on the local branch number or walking into your nearest branch and talking to them in person.


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