Fixed Deposits

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Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd (AHFL) - Fixed Deposits

The Company accepts Deposits from General Public, Companies, Societies, Associations, Trusts, Defense Personnel, etc., and offers very attractive rate of interest.

  • Interest Rates offered under Fixed Deposit Schemes:
    • At present, the Rate of interest offered ranges from 8.50% p.a. to 9.40% p.a. (for Half Yearly Compounding Deposit Schemes) and from 8.68% p.a. to 9.62% p.a. (for Annual Compounding Deposit Schemes) and the tenure ranges from 12 months to 120 months
    • Additional Interest Rate of 0.05% p.a. for Women Depositors i.e., Deposits with Women as First Applicant. However this additional interest rate of 0.05% shall not be applicable for Privilege Category Customers.
    • Additional Interest Rate of 0.15% p.a. on Renewals where deposit is renewed on or before the maturity date
  • Option of Auto Renewal / Auto Repayment
  • Facility of Loan against FD
  • Trust Deposit placed with Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. qualifies as Specified Investment, as defined under the Section 11 (5) (ix) of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Deposit received from Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) shall be as per NHB Regulation read along with Notification No. FEMA.5/2000-RB dated 3rd May, 2000 issued by RBI. The tenure of NRI deposit shall be from 1 year to 3 years only.
  • For Fresh Deposits, the Minimum Deposit Amount shall be Rs.5000/- and thereafter in multiples of Rs.1000/-
  • In case of renewal of Matured Cumulative Fixed Deposits, the total maturity value including interest amount will be rounded off to the nearest rupee. Such Renewed Fixed Deposits may be odd amounts in multiples of Rs.1/- for which the consent of the depositor will be taken at the time of accepting deposits.
  • For Non-Cumulative Deposit Schemes, Interest will be paid either monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / annual basis as selected by the customer at the time of application
  • For Cumulative Deposit Schemes, Interest will be compounded half yearly, on 31st March and 30th September of every year after deducting tax, wherever applicable. The Principal along with Interest will be paid on maturity once the discharged deposit receipt is received by us.
  • Interest will be paid by way of NACH

Regular Category

Tenure (Months)
Non-Cumulative Deposits Cumulative Deposits
Monthly % p.a. Quarterly % p.a. Half Yearly % p.a. Annual % p.a. Rate % p.a.
(Half Yearly Compounding)
$Maturity Value for
Rs.1 lakh
$Indicative Yield
% p.a.

Privilege Category

Tenure (Months)
Non-Cumulative Deposits Cumulative Deposits
Monthly % p.a. Quarterly % p.a. Half Yearly % p.a. Annual % p.a. Rate % p.a.
(Half Yearly Compounding)
$Maturity Value for
Rs.1 lakh
$Indicative Yield
% p.a.

*Privilege Category:
Senior Citizens, Defense Personnel, Employees of AHFL / ASSL & Group Companies

$Maturity Value and Yield displayed above are indicative only, for Cumulative Interest option. The Maturity Value and the Indicative Yield shown do not include any tax deduction. The Maturity Amount and the Indicative Yield will change depending upon the rate of tax deduction, if applicable.

Revised Rate of Interest effective 1st November 2018


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Customer Service

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