Aadhar for you

Message from Head HR Mr. Deepak Singh

Aadhar is not only a company but also a cohesive unit of like minded people who are linked to each other through a common fabric, which we call our motto – An Aadharite is an individual who frequently goes beyond the call of duty to enrich the lives of our thousands of customers by enabling a roof over the customers head. We have grown at an extremely fast pace in the last five years and aspire to grow even more faster in the next five years. For us growth means developing an employee through structured training frame-works and regular feedback sessions which ensure that he is optimally productive for his team. Freedom of speech and reasoning is one of the most important tenet of organizational culture. Our team members do not hesitate to voice their opinion and we are not shy to acknowledge the right opinion. Humility and candidness are two common characteristics of an Aadharite. We are a process-oriented organization and believe in adhering to process and policies at all levels of our functioning but this does not mean that we lack the humane touch. We have an open-door policy and culturally are very people oriented because we believe: "Investing in people is akin to investing in future"

Good Luck and God Bless!!!

A message for all aspiring Aadhar Family Members

  • AHFL DOES NOT charge applicants any recruitment fee for gaining employment with AHFL.
  • AHFL DOES NOT authorize any third party ( such as vendors, placement services, recruitment agencies etc) to make any employment offers to the applicants / candidates and neither collect any fee / registration / recruitment charges etc for referring and placing applicants / candidates with them.
  • If you are approached for a fee, charges or payment by anyone, Please do not make such payment and immediately write to us with full details on careers@aadharhousing.com